Old Timers are calling it the greatest Popsicle Pilgrimage in SAG’s History! And we’ve got all the lip smacking details with the pictures to prove it.

April 19, 2003 (18:51) | 2003, SAG Politics | By: Arlin Miller | [e]

It started at Albertson’s on Glenoaks in Glendale and took off from there.8:45 AM: Steve Barr at the wheel of the Amazing SAG Popsicle Mobile arrived promptly and began handing out doughnuts and offering bathroom privileges to the fifteen or so picketers on the scene. Hey, it was a little early to hand out Popsicles okay! They liked the treats and the BR break–but what they really responded to was the support. 

Remember what it was like on the old picket line! Hell, my little ol’ heart used to go pitter patter when someone honked. “My Gawd, they care, they really care!”

Well, it wasn’t long before our hearty crew had to say our good-byes as we continued on our Amazing tour.

9:30 AM: We pulled into Ralph’s at 25 E. Alameda. Ten picketers gathered around the Amazing Popsicle Mobile! They were doughnutted out but took to the water and availed themselves of our Amazing bathroom privileges! Although they were surprised to see us they were pleased.

We hung there for a while joined in the picketing then moved on to Pavilions at 1110 Alameda where our group grew! It was after ten and was warming up quickly so the Popsicles were eagerly accepted by many of the large crowd of appreciative UFCW picketers. They wanted to know all about us and what we’d done! I managed to convince one lovely young thing that Ace Ventura was about this sportscaster that was never seen but carried most of the movie. Uh, well, I got her number. The only thing bothers me is that its an 800 number. Oh, well, she looooved the Popsicle.

By 12 noon and a hundred or so Popsicles later the Amazing Popsicle Mobile was parked at the Ralph’s on Ventura and Vineland! In the meantime, there had been stops at another Albertson’s and Von’s. Popsicles and water were a big hit! Everyone joined in with the picketers with our makeshift signs. We met a lot of nice, if not apprehensive folks before firing up the RV and heading for the Ralph’s on Coldwater and Ventura! By know it was HOT! And the Popsicles were going like, ah, well, Popsicles!

1:20 PM, Steve pulled the Popsicle Mobile into Sunset and Fuller’s Rock & Roll Ralph’s parking lot! He didn’t even bother to look for a parking space on the street! “—- ‘em let them tow me if they don’t like it!” he said! I gave him a Popsicle and he cooled down as we were joined by several more hearty SAG members! Someone got out a camera and took some photos which we’ve included!

By now it was a sizzling 100 degrees and we had to run with the Popsicles when we handed them out before they melted! I got to tell you these folks were really appreciative! One little guy was so a grateful, he tried to slip us twenty bucks to help with our expenses! Uh, after a little encouragement from Steve I gave it back! Hey, I was gonna use it for more Popsicles–honest!

It was around 3:30 PM at the West Hollywood Pavilions when yours truly finally bailed. I understand our persistent Popsiclers made several more Popsicle runs including some MTA picketers before calling it a day!

All in all, it had been a very busy and rewarding day as in total we hit at least 13 different locations.

A.L. Miller SAG Watchdog Editor& Chief

The only thing I regret about the whole day is that I didn’t get a Popsicle.