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Paul Edney
August 8 at 7:30am

Convention Resolution.

No more online voting. In the future, all ballots sent out by the Union must be paper ballots and must be counted in front of witnesses, just like the the Local & National Board elections every two years.

I believe only the LA and NY Local ballots are counted in front of witnesses.
Also, ALL contracts must be voted on by the membership with paper ballots. This includes such contracts as the previously terrible two Music Video contracts which were voted on by the National Board only.

Aw come on Paul, it’s just so much easier to vote on line!  Bing! Bang! You’ve done your thing!

Huh? Am I sure I’ve done my Thing?

Wellll…okay, maybe if someone–or special interest group had something to gain by manipulating the method used to vote, it wouldn’t be all that hard to do so…but, but, but  gosh it’s so much easier and cheaper this way!

How do other members feel?

Gosh, I don’t really know.

Maybe when I received my “IMPORTANT VOTING INFORMATION” postcards, I should have talked with my sister apartment resident when I took her card to her that had mistakenly been put in my mail box!


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