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Did the Writers Guild Sandbag the Studios With Short Talks?

26 March, 2017 (15:33) | 2016 | By: Arlin Miller

1:05 PM PDT 3/26/2017 by Jonathan Handel The WGA brought a complex and expensive agenda to the negotiating table but allotted only two weeks, perhaps intending a quasi-impasse to tee up a strike authorization vote. As the current Writers Guild of America talks were being planned months ago, the union told studio negotiators that two […]

Local Unions To Rally In Support Of SAG-AFTRA Video Game Strike!

30 January, 2017 (18:16) | 2016 | By: Arlin Miller

by David Robb  Deadline January 30, 2017 5:06pm A rally Thursday in support of SAG-AFTRA’s 102-day-old strike against selected video game companies promises to be the union’s biggest to date, with actors being joined by members of the Writers Guild, Teamsters Local 399, the American Federation of Musicians, and representatives from the L.A. County Federation of […]

DGA Board Approves Contract Boosting Streaming Residuals!

29 December, 2016 (16:29) | 2016 | By: Arlin Miller

  Dave McNary Film Reporter @Variety_DMcNary December 29, 2016 | 12:37 PM PT Leaders of the Directors Guild of America have approved unanimously a tentative three-year successor deal on the master contract for directors with what’s touted as a major gain in streaming residuals. The DGA made the announcement Thursday. The national board’s approval of […]

Directors and Producers Reach Tentative Agreement on New Contract!

23 December, 2016 (22:26) | 2016 | By: Arlin Miller

9:31 PM PST 12/23/2016 by Gregg Kilday , Jonathan Handel Terms will be revealed after the agreement is submitted to the Guild’s national board for approval! The Directors Guild of America has reached a tentative agreement on the terms of new three-year collective bargaining agreements with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, the […]

Fusion Employees Seek to Unionize With Writers Guild East!

7 October, 2016 (01:08) | 2016 | By: Arlin Miller

  Dave McNary Film Reporter@Variety_DMcNary Courtesy of Fusion October 6, 2016 | 05:19PM PT Employees at the online news outlet Fusion have launched an organizing drive to unionize with the Writers Guild of America East — with management vowing to oppose those efforts. The organizing committee announced in an open letter to staff that a […]