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WGA East’s Council Asks Members To Authorize Strike!

28 March, 2017 (22:10) | 2016 | By: Arlin Miller

  by David Robb March 28, 2017 6:08pm In the second of a one-two punch that puts the WGA further along the road to a threatened strike against the film and TV industry, the WGA East’s council voted tonight in New York to seek strike authorization from the guild’s members. The vote comes a day after the WGA […]

As Writers Guild Talks Stall, a Jittery Hollywood Wonders What’s Next.

28 March, 2017 (14:58) | 2016 | By: Arlin Miller

6:00 AM PDT 3/28/2017 by Jonathan Handel A strike authorization vote is on tap, but SAG-AFTRA may be waiting in the wings as an intricate dance begins. The Writers Guild may or may not have deliberately set up its first two weeks of talks with AMPTP studio negotiators to fail, but fail they did, leading […]

WGA West’s Board Votes To Send Strike-Authorization Ballots To Members!

27 March, 2017 (23:09) | 2016 | By: Arlin Miller

by David Robb March 27, 2017 10:43pm UPDATED: Hollywood moved a step closer to an industry-crippling writers’ strike tonight when the WGA West’s board of directors approved sending strike authorization ballots to the guild’s members. Tonight’s vote came at the unanimous recommendation of the WGA negotiating committee, which broke off contract talks with management’s AMPTP […]

Did the Writers Guild Sandbag the Studios With Short Talks?

26 March, 2017 (15:33) | 2016 | By: Arlin Miller

1:05 PM PDT 3/26/2017 by Jonathan Handel The WGA brought a complex and expensive agenda to the negotiating table but allotted only two weeks, perhaps intending a quasi-impasse to tee up a strike authorization vote. As the current Writers Guild of America talks were being planned months ago, the union told studio negotiators that two […]

WGA Strike Vote Could Be “Very Soon” As Talks Continue!

24 March, 2017 (18:42) | 2016 | By: Arlin Miller

by David Robb and Dominic Patten March 24, 2017 5:42pm EXCLUSIVE: With one day left in scheduled negotiations between the WGA and the Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers over a new film and TV contract, a strike vote by the scribes is now looking like a real possibility. “That’s the way the wind is […]