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New California IMDb Age Law Probably Unconstitutional, Experts Say

29 September, 2016 (00:19) | 2016 | By: Arlin Miller

September 27, 2016 6:46am PT by Jonathan Handel Scholars and practitioners alike come down hard on the new law, with only one of seven lawyers suggesting the enactment would survive a challenge. A new California law that will require IMDb to omit or remove age and birth date from an actor’s profile upon request is […]

An Actor’s Cautionary Tale: Cancer Diagnosis and a Drawn-Out Battle Over Residuals.

14 August, 2014 (14:12) | 2014 | By: Arlin Miller

11:59 AM PST 08/14/2014 by Jonathan Handel Diagnosed with cancer in 2012, Alex Doe endured a 3 1/2-year residuals runaround from Warner Bros. and SAG-AFTRA that threatened health insurance coverage A version of this story originally appeared in the Aug. 22 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine. Actors often complain about late residuals checks, although […]

SAG-AFTRA’s White shoots an “Airball” with the NBA!

4 August, 2014 (21:34) | 2014 | By: Arlin Miller

SAG-AFTRA’s David White Not Going to NBA Players Association 4:00 PM PST 07/29/2014 by Jonathan Handel The NBA PA chooses another finalist, and THR learns that the SAG-AFTRA president had already been urging White to extend his contract. SAG-AFTRA national executive director David White is staying put. The NBA Players Association had been considering White […]

Secrets of the SAG-AFTRA Convention!!!!!

30 September, 2013 (13:39) | 2013 | By: Arlin Miller

11:03 AM PDT 9/30/2013 by Jonathan Handel (Exclusive) UPDATED: THR goes behind closed doors for a look at the hardball politics of the union’s first national convention. Forget about the speakers and panels. What really happened at the SAG-AFTRA convention, which concluded Sunday? Here’s what sources revealed to The Hollywood Reporter: politicking, horse trading and […]

Current SAG-AFTRA Leadership that split jurisdiction is now splitting its self!!!!

30 September, 2013 (12:45) | 2013 | By: Arlin Miller

SAG Pension & Health Trustees Still Working on Reciprocity 10:27 AM PDT 9/27/2013 by Jonathan Handel A complete solution –- merger of the plans –- isn’t even under discussion at this time. A year and a half after SAG and AFTRA merged, the two union pension and health plans remain far from merger themselves. Indeed, […]