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SAG-AFTRA Mourns the Passing of Former Board Member David Huddleston.

5 August, 2016 (17:16) | 2016 | By: Arlin Miller

  (Selected from SAG AFTRA website) August 04, 2016, 8:08pm LOS ANGELES (Aug. 4, 2016) — Veteran performer David Huddleston died Tuesday at age 85. Over the course of three decades, Huddleston served more than 10 years on the national board of Screen Actors Guild. He was elected to multi-year terms in 1976, 1982, 2000 […]

At 20th in this Century are the Foxes guarding the Hen House?

7 June, 2015 (12:47) | 2015 | By: Arlin Miller

And are certain members of the once great Screen Actors Guild treated like little more than chattel to be derided and humiliated in public!  Stay tuned to this spot for more disturbing details!!! Arl The Ol’ SAG Watchdog *Photo selected by SAG Watchdog

Paul Napier, Originator of ‘Mr. Goodwrench,’ Dies at 85.

23 February, 2015 (10:45) | 2014, 2015, Biscuits | By: Arlin Miller

February 23, 2015 | 10:06AM PT   Dave McNary Film Reporter @Variety_DMcNary Paul Napier, who originated the Mr. Goodwrench character for General Motors, has died. He was 85. Details of his death were not immediately available. Napier broke into show business as a hockey announcer and had more than 400 commercial credits along with TV […]

(Memorial Update) Sumi Haru, Former SAG Interim President, Dies at 75!

16 October, 2014 (19:02) | 2014 | By: Arlin Miller

Memorial Update Below October 16, 2014 | 06:45PM PT Dave McNary Film Reporter @Variety_DMcNary Sumi Sevilla Haru, who served as the interim Screen Actors Guild president in 1995, died Thursday in Los Angeles. She was 75. The New Jersey native joined SAG in 1968 and AFTRA in 1972 and served as a national board member […]

Pamela Greenwalt’s Warning to SAG-AFTRA Members

20 May, 2014 (22:20) | 2014, SAG Politics | By: Brian Hamilton

by Brian Hamilton: MEMBERS: Don’t DARE Download the New Logo from the SAG-AFTRA Website! Instead of looking for actual misuse and infringement, Pamela Greenwalt, the Assistant National Exective Director, Communications, and the legal department at SAG-AFTRA have decided to take preemptive measures and fire off a terse, impersonal missive to dues paying members who downloaded […]