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Is Online Voting Out of Line?

11 August, 2017 (15:35) | 2016 | By: Arlin Miller

The following posted by: Paul Edney posted in Screen Actors Guild – aftra. Paul Edney August 8 at 7:30am Convention Resolution. No more online voting. In the future, all ballots sent out by the Union must be paper ballots and must be counted in front of witnesses, just like the the Local & National Board […]

A Nasty Email from recent SAG-AFTRA Presidential Candidate Paul Edney!!!

13 October, 2013 (23:00) | 2013 | By: Arlin Miller

——- Paul Edney posted in Union Actors  Paul Edney  4:51pm Oct 13 . Ken Howard’s Free Trip to Florida. . Just as the winter season is about to start, our President, Ken Howard, decides to take a trip to Miami, Florida at the union’s expense. . He will be the guest speaker at the SAG-AFTRA […]

Funny Photo of The Week!!!!

26 August, 2013 (14:55) | 2013 | By: Arlin Miller

Okay, okay, a tad brutal, but FUNNY! Hey, you could say we’re doing Ned a favor. Now that he’s playing with the big boys he can expect a lot worse. The following link is to the LA Times article on NED’s political plans. I love it when Ned says, “The consolidation of these unions created […]

The SAG-AFTRA Election: Crunching the Numbers.

19 August, 2013 (22:47) | 2013 | By: Arlin Miller

The following is from an email sent out by Paul Edney. National Election results: 139,967 ballots mailed. 28,755 ballots returned = 20.54% Ken Howard – 16,396 votes Esai Morales – 9,850 votes Paul Edney – 1,359 votes Marilyn Monrovia – 960 votes Amy Aquino – 17,590 votes Jane Austin – 10,662 votes . Some interesting […]

A few SAG-AFTRA election recommendations! And the Cartoon of the week.

5 August, 2013 (15:28) | 2013 | By: Arlin Miller

Look, the Ol’ Dog is endorsing Esai Morales and the entire Membership 1st group. Oh, and a few special recommendations of MF1st candidates–who I met standing up for our beloved SAG during the 2000 strike.    David Jolliffe George Coe Sumi Haru Paul Napier Renee Aubry Anne-Marie Johnson Michael Bell Jeff Austin & my online pal […]