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So what’s the Deal With Our SAG-AFTRA Website?

12 October, 2016 (14:38) | 2016 | By: Arlin Miller

Okay,  the Ol’ Dog will be the first to admit our SAG-AFTEA website looks great!  But, but, but  looks ain’t everything!  Content is kind of important!  For instance,  one of the headlines still up on the website! Miami Local Office Closure, Oct. 5-7 If you follow the link there’s no new info!  So has it […]

Ken you really need to talk to 20th!

8 June, 2015 (13:21) | 2015 | By: Arlin Miller

  You know Ken you really need to talk to Mr. James McCann at 20th Century Fox studios.  !  After all Ken you are SAG/AFTRA President, elected representative of ALL SAG-AFTRA members–and Mr. McCann is a  security supervisor at 20th Century Fox studios. Ah, so Mr. Howard  what do you need to talk to Mr. […]

Enjoy the Game!

1 February, 2015 (11:59) | 2014, 2015 | By: Arlin Miller

One thing the Ol’ Dog can guarantee you is that the number of viewers which NBC claims is  watching their telecast will not be Deflated!  Woof!  Woof! Arl The Ol’ SAG Watchdog

The Ol’ Dog Cast his vote On line!

6 August, 2014 (21:28) | 2014 | By: Arlin Miller

Okay voting on line is fast, cheap and easy!  And one thing for sure there won’t be a recount!  How did the Ol’ Dog vote?  But, but, but it was a secret ballot!  NO!!!!   Arl  The Ol’ SAG Watchdog Ballots–Whether submitted online or by ballot–must be received by 5:00 PM PDT on Friday, August […]

20th Century Fox gives the Ol’ Dog a “Taste!”

30 July, 2014 (16:51) | 2014 | By: Arlin Miller

For our Old Timers “A Taste” that’s the equivalent of Lee J. telling Marlon in ” On the Waterfront”…”You saw some money!” Ah, okay…at this point,  on this ongoing story (See earlier posts) I have received  four residual checks from 20th Century Fox  totaling 360 dollars,  three have been marked “void” and only  one for […]