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(Midnight Update) Support Grows For WGA As Midnight Bargaining Deadline Looms!

1 May, 2017 (22:48) | 2016 | By: Arlin Miller

2ND UPDATE, 12:01 AM: The midnight deadline for the WGA contract talks has come and gone, and still no word on whether a deal has been reached or whether a strike will be called. The two sides are still talking, though, and that’s a good sign. The guild and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers […]

Two SAG-AFTRA Heros!

23 June, 2015 (00:19) | 2015 | By: Arlin Miller

Recently  I received the following email regarding a story on an incident regarding 20th Century Fox and a SAG-AFTRA  extra: “Sag watchdog and Sag&Aftra (Terri Becherer) both stood up for me. Thanks for all your hard work!” Update! Fox studio’s called and fully exonerated me with the Guild and Central. They confirmed that I did […]

Ken you really need to talk to 20th!

8 June, 2015 (13:21) | 2015 | By: Arlin Miller

  You know Ken you really need to talk to Mr. James McCann at 20th Century Fox studios.  !  After all Ken you are SAG/AFTRA President, elected representative of ALL SAG-AFTRA members–and Mr. McCann is a  security supervisor at 20th Century Fox studios. Ah, so Mr. Howard  what do you need to talk to Mr. […]

Oops: Fox’s Error Voids Hundreds Of Residuals Checks

7 June, 2014 (12:29) | 2014 | By: Arlin Miller

By DAVID ROBB, Special To Deadline Friday June 6, 2014 @ 4:06pm PDTTags: 20th Century Fox inSA payroll glitch in 20th Century Fox’s residuals department inadvertently voided residuals checks worth about $93,000 that were sent out to about 200 actors, writers and directors. Fox is fixing the problem and will start issuing new checks next […]