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DGA To Elect New President Saturday At Convention

23 June, 2017 (18:23) | 2016 | By: Arlin Miller

by David Robb   June 23, 2017 5:22pm * * The DGA elects a new president tomorrow at its biennial convention in Los Angeles, and there’s a good chance the winner will come from the ranks of its three West Coast-residing vice presidents, as have the past four DGA presidents. If that pattern holds, the next […]

(Media Take on This Story) $15 Billion ‘Call of Duty’ Franchise$

4 November, 2016 (18:58) | 2016 | By: Arlin Miller

From SAG-AFTRA Website: (Media Take follows below) SAG-AFTRA Welcomes the Release of ‘Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’ Notes that Voice and Performance Capture Actors Received 0.03% — Three One-Hundredths Percent — of Activision’s $15 Billion ‘Call of Duty’ Franchise November 04, 2016, 5:11p SAG-AFTRA today welcomed the release of Activision’s latest Call of Duty installment Call of […]

Watchdog Time Machine: The Big Hit 0f 2003! Shhh!

13 March, 2015 (10:16) | 2014, 2015, Biscuits | By: Arlin Miller

  A SAG Watchdog Exclusive: The New Hit Single “Secret Actors Guild!” Get out your hankies. (Click photo to hear song.) 19 April, 2003 (18:51) | 2003, SAG Politics | By: Arlin Mille There was a time when SAG members had some idea of what their elected officials where up to! Confidentiality was usually only […]

The Watchdog Time Machine: Proves back in 2003 SAG members couldn’t be licked!

30 October, 2014 (17:34) | 2014 | By: Arlin Miller

* * * Old Timers are calling it the greatest Popsicle Pilgrimage in SAG’s History! And we’ve got all the lip smacking details with the pictures to prove it. April 19, 2003 (18:51) | 2003, SAG Politics | By: Arlin Miller | [e] It started at Albertson’s on Glenoaks in Glendale and took off from […]

And now the document most SAG/AFTRA members have heard about but few have seen!!!

10 January, 2013 (12:25) | 2012 | By: Arlin Miller

Before we take a look at the document most SAG/AFTRA members have heard about but few have seen, let’s look at a couple of trade articles to put it proper context. ——— SAG/AFTRA Merger: Leaked Mercer Report Raises Questions About Opposition Lawsuit (Exclusive) by Jonathan Handel  (2/23/2012) Does the 2003 study prove the anti-merger case […]