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Backstage West Article Fires-up SAG’s Membership! Also, a Wild Bunch of comments by the Ol’ Dog.

April 19, 2005 (20:22) | 2005 | By: Arlin Miller

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SAG Presidential Candidates Conrad, Fairchild and Rosenberg speak out! And the Ol’ Dog speaks up.

The following article is from Backstage West! The Ol’ Dog’s comments are highlighted!

Backstage West
By Lauren Horwitch

Actors Guild presidential hopeful Alan Rosenberg joined fellow MembershipFirst members at a meeting with actors’ group the Wild Bunch of Hollywood this weekend in Sherman Oaks. The Wild Bunch–a networking group of character actors specializing in portraying authentic “outlaws” such as bikers, bouncers, and criminals–invited Rosenberg and MembershipFirst to the home of Wild Bunch member Ed Pelletteri to learn more about Rosenberg’s platform and share their concerns about the union. Rosenberg listened quietly for most of the meeting and said he was pleased with the high level of participation. “A leader turns to his membership,” he said. “You are all shareholders in this union.”

Several Hollywood candidates for SAG’s national board of directors attended the informal meeting, including Gretchen Koerner, Jenny Worman, Anthony De Santi, Joe d’Angerio, Angela Watson, and Russell McConnell. James St. James, who is running on both the MembershipFirst and Wild Bunch slates, and independent candidate Roy Eugene Boggs also participated. Marlene Sosebee, Wild Bunch candidate for national board, moderated the spirited discussion.

The actors spoke passionately about myriad controversial issues facing SAG during the two-hour Q&A, including SAG executives’ salaries, the need for a free flow of information between SAG officers and members, dues increases, the failed merge with AFTRA, and unregulated calling services. However, background performers’ eligibility for SAG membership was the character actors’ most-debated grievance. Wild Bunch members, many of whom work as background performers, said the current requirements for SAG cards allow too many inexperienced actors easy entrance into the union. Currently, background actors seeking SAG cards must provide proofby way of vouchers–of having worked at least three days for a company signed to a SAG agreement. Principal performers must provide proof of one-time employment, such as a videotape, signed contract, or pay stub.

SAG’s website includes this note about eliminating the three-voucher system: “SAG is currently revising the entrance for background performers by developing a point system in which union and nonunion jobs, along with educational seminars and sanctioned events, count toward eligibility.”

WOOF !Now there’s a way to teach would-be members to be loyal SAG members, GIVE THEM CREDIT FOR DOING NON-UNION JOBS!

The Wild Bunch said many commercial production companies that don’t comply with the union are loath to hire background performers with ties to SAG. One member said he hasn’t worked since landing on a blacklist of background performers who have contacted SAG regarding poor working conditions. Another reported being kicked off a set for informing other background performers about SAG policies.

Wild Bunch national board nominee Steve Cutler said background performers had greater protection under the Screen Extras Guild, which merged with SAG in 1992 after a decade-long struggle to remain independent. “This category [of actors] was devastated when SEG dissolved,” he said. “Over 100,000 three-vouchers were given to street people last year. That’s 100,000 jobs that could have gone to members.”

Campaign for Unity’s presidential candidate Morgan Fairchild, who attended a meeting at actor Kathryn Joosten’s home Sunday, told Back Stage West in a phone interview that she worked successfully with a group of background performers and other SAG members to amend the three-voucher system in 2003. “Unfortunately, MembershipFirst voted down the funding that would’ve made the reform possible to implement,” she said. “The great disappointment was that we got it in place, and then the funding was not made available.”

WOOF !Membership First Board Members voted down funding for a plan that encourages non-union work as a way to gain entrance into our union. Presidential Candidate Morgan Fairchild finds this acceptable! But then what would you expect from a candidate that kicks off a campaign hosted at the home of acknowledged union hater.

Independent presidential candidate Robert Conrad also spoke with BSW by phone about the three-voucher system. “I don’t believe in exclusivity,” he said. “I believe everybody has a right to work, and I don’t believe in closing unions and/or guilds. It just seems unfair.”

WOOF !Not exactly a stance that is going to get Mr. Conrad a lot of votes considering the current state of things, but you’ve got to admire him for speaking from his heart and being honest and straightforward.

Rosenberg had strong words for SAG’s National Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer Greg Hessinger, who was appointed by the national board on Mar. 6 and began work May 2. “We have to take the power away from the hired help,” Rosenberg said. “[If I were elected], Greg Hessinger and I would certainly have a long talk.” When asked which SAG executives Rosenberg would fire, he replied, “Hessinger may be at the top of my list.”

WOOF !And you’ve got to admire Alan Rosenberg for not pulling any punches when it comes to answering questions. ” Hired Help” in this instance refers to a handful of Senior Staff members who seem to think SAG is there own personal domain to do with as they like. They are the ones that formulated the Hasbro waiver. They are the ones that tell members who are being screwed by agents to get a lawyer. They are the ones that have interjected us into the Pisano “Conflict of Interest” suit, wasting hundreds of thousands of our dues dollars, without bothering to consult the SAG Board. And they are the ones, along with Melissa and her Restore Respect group, that admittedly blew over *money 2.3 million of our dues money trying to “sell” us on their failed Consolidation scheme.

Unfortunately, SAG’s Senior Staff has taken over the decision making from a weak “go-along to get-along” President and her collected group of Cave-ins– and it’s gonna take someone like Alan Rosenberg to assume leadership, put those senior staffers on notice, and clean up the mess that they have created. The first rule should be that any staff person who knowingly lies to the membership– is out of there. This union needs to adhere to its constitution, and that most likely is not going to happen if certain Senior-staff members continue, unchallenged, with their smug “we know best attitude.”

As to firing NED Hessinger, hopefully that can be avoided, but if he continues to misinform the membership–as he did according to SAG’s bi-partisan Interactive Negotiating Committee, he will need to go. Do we really want a National Executive Director who either is ill prepared to inform our board members, or worse, purposely, misinforms them, when they need his support? There have been accusations from “Campaign For Unity” supporters that Mr. Rosenberg does not have the power to fire Mr. Hessinger. Yes, constitutionally that power rightfully lies with the National Board. But does anyone really believe that Melissa, with here control over the National Board, couldn’t have gotten rid of Pisano if she had wanted to? Duh?

Mr. Rosenberg said he would have a good long talk with Hessinger. On the other hand, I’m sure Ms. Fairchild would have a good long, obedient Listen.

“From what I’ve seen, he’s trying valiantly to do a good job,” Fairchild later said of Hessinger. “He’s only been there for three months. I think we should give him a chance.”

WOOF !Unfortunately, Mr. Hessinger has already flubbed a golden opportunity to do a good job by his apparent lack of knowledge and leadership in the Interactive contract negotiations! A leader should plan for all possibilities when engaged in a tough collective bargaining agreements! He should be prepared to advise board members with sound legal advise when they ask legal questions. According to our negotiators on the vid-game he wasn’t.

His lack of planning ahead was revealed at the last membership meeting when the Ol’ Dog asked him what his plan of action was to make sure we didn’t turnover jurisdiction to AFTRA if the membership voted down the Interactive contract. Mr. Hessinger responded that if the contract was voted down SAG would have a very challenging situation because the major interactive companies were signed to both unions. He went on to say that he would wait until after the vote, and if the membership voted down the contract THEN he would meet with the National Board and discuss options at that time.”

Now, I don’t know about you but to the Ol’ Dog that don’t sound like much of a plan!


Reporter: “So, Mr. President what is your plan if opposing forces gathered at our borders attack, and take over some of our territory?”

The President: Well, I’ll tell you gentlemen, if that happens we’ll have a real challenge. Yes, sir, a real challenge. In the meantime we’ll just sit idly by–and wait. And if they do attack then I’ll meet with my generals and discuss our options!


As to whether Mr. Hessinger and other executive SAG officers are overpaid, Fairchild said, “The salaries of our staff over there are pretty much commensurate [with] or less than what other people in those same kinds of positions would be making at other guilds.” She added that MembershipFirst has requested hiring more executives, including a Hollywood executive director.

WOOF !Now, Ms. Fairchild doesn’t mind that New York has its own executive director while Los Angeles with over 50 percent of the members that generate 65 percent of the revenue has none. But then why should she! Most of her supporters are in NY and the branches. No wonder every board member in NY and the branches have announced their support for her.

As to our Senior Staff being overpaid that’s a question the membership will have to decide. But know this: that since Pisano took office, our rank and file staff which does most of the day-to-day work has been pared down dramatically, while at the same time the money spent on staff has steadily risen. This ain’t because our hard working regular staff members are getting more money! One Senior-staff member has seen her salary rise in the neighborhood of a hundred thousand dollars over the last couple of years. And that ain’t a bad neighborhood to be in. Except that we are footing the bill for her financial zip code with our dues money.

Conrad also commented on the Wild Bunch’s concern about the salaries: “I think you pay a person for their value. If you can put a person in a position where they can be outstanding in their work and it generates income for you, then they’re worth whatever you pay them.”

WOOF !I agree. But ask yourself, has your income increased commensurate with rising cost of living in the last four years under, Melissa and Morgan’s man, NED Robert Pisano and his Senior Staff? To the contrary, you got some of the worst contracts in SAG history with NO INCREASE IN DVD! An increase, by the way, which could have gone a long way toward solving our ailing Health insurance situation. And then of course there’s that estimated *moneyFOUR MILLION bucks wasted on promoting the ATA/NATR giveaway, vindictive lawsuitsand, of course, everyone’s favorite, Pisano and Melissa’s “Less Dues, More Muscle” Consolidation debacle. By, Mr. Conrad’s criteria, most of the senior-staff should have been booted long ago.

Rosenberg reiterated his request for an open debate with his fellow candidates. Fairchild said she has already consented to a debate under certain conditions. “I would like to make sure that the parameters are such that it is fair, and that the members get to hear real views instead of a lot of shouting,” she added.

WOOF !The Ol’ Dog agrees. So, perhaps, Ms. Fairchild should demand that Tess Harper, Jay Gerber and the rest of her Restore Respect pals NOT ATTEND! You see they attempted to shout the Ol’ Dog down when he was asking a question at an information meeting. Mr. Gerber had apparently taken a secret poll among the attendees because he yelled out, “We don’t want you here!” I guess the Ol’ Dog shouldn’t feel alone. The way Ms. Fairchild is talking about “Her work in trade” proposal these days, she obviously don’t want the majority of our members here.

Sosebee insisted the Wild Bunch is not a faction of, nor does it formally endorse, MembershipFirst. On Monday morning, however, the group’s website included this statement: “We support Alan Rosenberg for SAG president and Connie Stevens for SAG secretary-treasurer.”

Sosebee said the Wild Bunch has attempted to contact Fairchild and Conrad to meet with the group. Both candidates said they have not received invitations to meet with the Wild Bunch but would be open to discussion.

WOOF !Once again the Ol’ Dog would like to join Alan Rosenberg in calling for a debate of the SAG Presidential Candidates, and let’s stream it on the SAG website so ALL our members can listen inand reach their own conclusions about who should lead our union for the next two year.

A.L. Miller SW Editor & Chief WOOF !



Independent Candidates For Board.

April 19, 2005 (20:22) | 2005 | By: Arlin Miller

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2005 S.A.G. National Board Candidate #12

Marlene sosebee

Marlene Sosebee has been a member of the Screen Actors guild for ten years and is currently serving on the S.A.G. Women’s Committee, S.A.G. Communications Committee Web Site Sub Committee, S.A.G. Members On The Move Steering Committee and executive member of “The Wild Bunch of Hollywood”.

Campaign Statement:

It seems like the rich are still getting richer and the poor are just out of luck. As a proud member of The Wild Bunch of Hollywood actors group I say it is time to remove those insulting dues caps and protect all S.A.G. members with EQUAL percentages. Why should an actor that makes $10,000 per year pay 2.85% of total income and another that makes 10 million pay only .053%? In the Writers Guild they pay 1.5% for any amount with no caps and in the Directors guild they pay 1% on any amount of residuals with no caps! The actors that make large sums of money have not been paying their full share. Our struggling actors need the financial support of the wealthy. Creating a small percent across the board will NOT cause the well to do actors to leave our guild and the reduction in dues for the less fortunate actors would be a very welcome relief.

I am appalled at the way this union ignores the have-nots. As the rich get richer the poor actually do get poorer. There are only so many pieces of the pie and too many are going hungry. Have you ever had the pleasure of using the actor’s fund? It’s a great idea for supporting our struggling actors but why not expand the funds by ten fold? Why not make free health insurance available for every S.A.G. member? Where would the money come from? From those that have it all, of course. If you are one of the lucky S.A.G. actors that make a million or more on a film then why shouldn’t you pay back into the union to help others who need it? I know I would want this if I were making that kind of money and I have to believe there are many of you with the big bucks that agree. Understand that all the money made after half a million is free and clear! They do not pay back anything on all that income! The caps have got to go!

Let’s protect all S.A.G. members, rearrange the dues structure so it makes sense, quit the wasteful spending and stop overpaying our senior staff.

California is known for innovative and forward thinkers. Let us change this union for the better with reason and compassion. For more information on where I stand on the issues please visit thewildbunchofhollywood.com or queenboudica.com .

This is a non-paid position as are all elected positions at S.A.G. including President.

I am politically involved because I care about my S.A.G. family of actors.

Another big problem with our guild is this new eligibility plan that is in the works. I cannot believe that obtaining 49 non-union vouchers is even being considered as sufficient work experience to become eligible for our guild. This would be the first time that union work was not required and it would flood the guild with too many members. Over 2.500 actors join per year, we have 120 thousand members and there is not enough work to go around as it is! We need to make it more difficult to join SAG and take better care of the members that we now have. HELLO? Is anyone listening? Because of the corruption of the three voucher system there does need to be a change but not 39 non-union vouchers. How about 150 non-union vouchers and ONE union voucher with an attached letter from the 1st or 2nd AD explaining why you deserved the union voucher and what makes you special enough to be eligible to join SAG. That would eliminate the corruption and keep the flood gates under control.


If every S.A.G. member had insurance there would be no FI-CORE problem!

Here are some more of the important S.A.G. issues that need to be addressed:

Investigate the unreasonable default of affordable health insurance.

Expose the corruption and extortion of calling services in regard to S.A.G. background performers.

Encourage local and state tax incentives to prevent more runaway production.

Promote bi-partisanship politics and discourage personal vendettas among our long time guild politicians. The fact that SAG politicians contribute their time and energy for FREE already makes them all class A citizens. They can and should disagree at times but always support each other as people!!

Prevent fearful cowering of our contract negotiators and re-instate the power of strike.

Rapidly increase the S.A.G. background performer job numbers to keep up with New York.

Address the rising abuse of photo fee scams on background actors as well as many other set abuses.

Prevent qualified voting. Remove studio influence within S.A.G.

Hire more qualified field reps. and stop overpaying upper management staff.

Record board meeting minutes and votes. Make everyone accountable!

We really do need to put our house in order and with the rapid changes in our industry the need for new ideas is essential.


Only 25% of our members vote and that is unacceptable!!!!


Vote for The Wild Bunch of Hollywood members.

In with new, out with the old. Together we can make a difference

Marlene Sosebee – I support Membership First – Alan Rosenberg for President and Connie Stevens for Sec.Treas. Robert Amico-Eugene Boggs-Mobin Kahn
queenboudica.com thewildbunchofhollywood.com




FOR more on me visit www.ricoshow.biz AND CLICK ON SAG NEWS.This is my
Personal Actors Site. Or go to thewildbunchofhollywood.com this is my
Actors Group Site and then there is thewarisnotover.com this is my
veterans site.If you want to know more about me check it out.

As a sag member and viet nam veteran I can and will fight for the
best we as sag members should get from our Guild.

It is said that if it works don’t fix it. If it doesn’t then fix it. Our Guild at
the present is sure not working and needs major repair and fixing. I
want to be a part of the body that is serious in having this Guild head
back in the right direction.
This is how I feel about all of it.

THE MERGER-If and when they ever put a plan for a merger that makes sense I
just might vote for it. But none of this Sag will merge with Aftra and use our dues money
to get them out of the financial mess they are in now. And yes, no separate pension and
health plans whats the use of consolidation if we can’t merge these two important items
into one.

QUALIFIED VOTING-To even think and propose that only those members of
the Guild who made a certain amount of money or worked on x amount of projects could be
excluded from voting is ABSURD ! All members of the Guild who are paid up and in good
standing should have,and will have the right to vote on all issues that pertain to them.
As far as I’m concerned if a member of the Board should bring this proposal up again I will
urge other members to vote NO on it and whoever votes for and supports such a dumb
proposal should not be representing you on that board.

RUNAWAY PRODUCTION-We need to do more to stop runaway production.
We need to combine our efforts with FTAC who is working hard to stop runaway
production. We need to put pressure on the State Legislature and local government
for tax breaks and incentives that will bring back Hollywood to Hollywood.

PENSION & HEALTH-I will make sure that the Pension does not change in any
bad way. Such as higher amounts in earnings for qualification each year once vested. And
no tampering in any way with our Pension fund. We should and need to find a better health
plan that will work for all members.

eye on how our dues money is spent. A classic example is the over one and a half
million that was spent on trying to push the merger issue down our throat when it was
plain to see that most of the members did not want it. This money could have been better
spent on other things helpful to members such as my Actors Resource Room that I talk
and propose about in the next page.
As for the merger issue wouldn’t it had been easier and cheaper if our leadership would
not have spent that money on trying to push it ? If only they would have just let get on the
ballot and let us vote the outcome would have been the same and the Guild would have
had over a million and a half dollars to be used on other things like things I talk about in
the next page in the Members Needs sections.

DUES INCREASE-No dues increase.Our Guild needs to limit the way they spend
our dues money.Spending $1.7 Million Dollars to promote and try to get a failed plan such as,
the Merger-Consolidation that the majority of membership did not want in the first place
was a pretty dumb move. And the Guild did not even give us a pro and con on this issue other
why we should vote for the merger.There was all the democratic process in this. Using members
dues to show one side but not the other ?

INCREASE THE AMOUNT OF UNION BACKGROUND-We should be at parity with the New York numbers.

THE NEW ELIGIBILITY INTO SAG-Have you read the new deal ? There has to be a better way.

SAG/AFTRA VOTING ON SAME ISSUES-Are they already trying to merge us by having us vote together ?

WEBSITE ! And thats a guarantee.

The Wild Bunch of Hollywood thewildbunchofhollywood.com – This is the Wild Bunch Slate Statement
We have four wild bunch members running for the sag national board. We ask you to consider and vote for us.
We urge all voting members to target your vote !! Do not use all of your votes… Just vote for those you want.

No secret or qualified voting. Remove the studio influence inside SAG. Stop AFTRA members from voting on our contracts.
Remove the dues caps and pay equal percentages like the WGA and DGA.
Investigate the unreasonable default of affordable health insurance.
Investigate calling services in regard to SAG background performers.
Promote bi-partisanship politics and discourage personal vendettas among our long time guild politicians.
Prevent fearful cowering of our contract negotiators and re-instate the power of strike.
Rapidly increase the SAG background performer’s job numbers to be equal with New York.
Address the rising abuse of photo fee scams on background actors as well as many other set abuses.
Restructure the new eligibility plan so it makes sense.
Return control of the guild to membership and its leadership.
Record board meeting minutes and votes. Make individuals accountable instead of secret back room closed door politics.
Financial responsibility of our administration to accurately account to members expenditures of our dues and its excesses.

We support Alan Rosenberg for S.A.G President and Connie Stevens for S.A.G. Secretary-Treasurer

This mailer or website’s either personal or actors site are funded in any way by sag funds.

The Ol’ Dog promised to post fliers or statements for board seats. And everyone knows the Ol’ Dog keeps his word. Keep checking as I will add others to this post as they come in.

A.L. Miller SW Editor & Chief WOOF !

Mobin Khan


Mobin Khan, Ballot # 13
Candidate for Screen Actors Guild, National Board Election 2005

As a working actor I know what it is to protect the integrity of SAG members. I have learned to love show business with my blood, sweat and tears. Going from background actor to principal actor; I have experienced how underrated we are. I have seen great inequities on both levels. When elected, I will fight with all my heart and passion to change these injustices. We all are members of the same union working for the betterment for our families, craft and a stronger Screen Actors Guild. Please vote your conscience. I look forward to representing all of you.



Runaway Productions are destroying the livelihood of Hollywood character actors (such as Day-Players and Background) along with local casting directors and production crews etc. In fact Runaway Productions are destroying the economy of Southern California. Both National and State level politicians are not the least concerned and neither is our guild leadership. If SAG leaders want to stop Runaway Productions they can do it. No film is marketable unless it has big name Hollywood SAG Actors in it. Now SAG should enforce this: If Production uses one NAME actor from Hollywood SAG, then 25 plus percentage of total performers should be SAG members regardless of which country they film in. This will stop RUNAWAY PRODUCTIONS.


Knowing the plight of “Background and Day-Players,” I will represent all grassroots actors to the SAG Board and fight for their rights, betterment and dignity. Backgrounds are ornaments for the Feature, TV, Commercial and Music Video scenes. And they should be treated likewise.

SILENT BIT for featured backgrounds should be upgraded with higher pay bumps and credit. I am totally against qualifying for votes. When a SAG member pays his/her regular dues and maintains the membership he should have the RIGHT to vote and no one should/can take away this privilege.

Music-Videos must be SAG signatory so that actor is paid proper appropriate session fees (pay) as day player with contribution to health and pension. All performers are entitled to residuals similar to Commercial Productions. SAG officials are confused on this issue and do not have enough guts to enforce the SIGNATORY RULE for Music Video. We have voted it in several National and Hollywood meetings. Yet nothing has happened so far. We need LEADERSHIP that will step up to the plate., not hide in the dug-out. I will provide that leadership.

The number of SAG background required for feature films and television should be increased like in New York. Background actors in Hollywood should be treated with respect and dignity as in New York. There should be one rule for the entire United States. Hollywood Backgrounds are treated below the standard at the hands of production crews. Backgrounds are not “living props”. They are actors striving hard to reach their goal to become day-players and regular actors. There are many past background actors who are name actors today. Let no one under-estimate the hidden talent among backgrounds.

Pension and Health Insurance is a major concern for all low income earning actors, both Background and Day-Player. Qualification rules are getting more rigid. Those who earn less than qualification see their funds (paid by the producers for their proportionate earnings) swallowed by the SAG leadership and passed on to rich actors’ welfare funds. It is absolutely wrong and immoral. I WILL MAKE SURE THESE WRONG DOINGS ARE STOPPED AND THAT THERE MUST BE SOME SORT OF RELAXATION IN QUALIFICATION FOR PENSION AND HEALTH BENEFITS. WE ALL DESERVE IT. AND NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO TAKE AWAY FROM US WHAT BELONG TO US AND TO OUR FAMILIES.

I will fight for all actors’ welfare. Thank you.

This web site is neither funded nor endorsed by Screen Actors Guild in any manner whatsoever.

* http://www.mobinkhan.net

* Email: MobinKhan@aol.com

* Phone: (818) 726 7928

Mark Reed


Writers and Directors Pay Dues on All They Earn Wealthy SAG Actors Don’t!

(And guess what –SAG wants to raise your dues after this election!)

I’m Mark S. Reed. I’m a board member. And I want to equalize dues so that every member, especially our fortunate wealthy members pay their fair share.

Until we equalize dues, you pay 1.85% of each dollar you earn up to $200,000 per year.

But fortunate wealthy members are exempt from 1.85% dues over $200,000. Each dollar they earn over has no 1.85% obligation!

RESULT: If you have a modest SAG income as I have, you’re bearing the burden of supporting SAG and the members who can best afford it are not.

Please read the Dues Equalization Proposal on the other side of this document. I’m the only Board Member leading to make equalization SAG policy.

If I’m not in office, it won’t be done.

Thank you. Mark S. Reed (#53 on your ballot)

(Quick Bio: I’m Mohawk-Apache American. I became a SAG activist just over three years ago. Last year, I represented SAG before the Federal Communications Commission. This year, I organized SAG’s first seminar with network producers /show-runners, “The Invisible American”. Next year, dues equalization is my mission. With your help it will be done. Regards and thanks, Mark)




*When candidates email their fliers please put them in jpeg or bitmap files! *up



Watchdog Exclusive Proof Positive that Interactive producers will pay residuals on 400,000 units!

April 19, 2005 (20:22) | 2005 | By: Arlin Miller

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Remember how the membership was told by the go-along to get-along gang of Melissa Gilbert that Interactive Producers wouldn’t accept SAG’s proposal that they pay residuals on every 400,000 units sold.

Well, the Ol’ Dog has an email that proves that once again members were sold out by our current leadership and their Cave-in tendencies!

You remember their weenie-rhetoric to shoot down a strike authorization against the vid-gamers! Now is not the time! We’ve got to organize, organize! We have no clout!

It was All, BS!

The following document not only proves that Interactive Producers will pay residuals on 400,000 units but that they’ll pay a lot more than our negotiators reasonable offer of an additional session fee.


*rat “But, wait, gosh, they’d never do that! We’ve got to organize, organize…I think!”

Most of you remember the Hasbro fiasco where Ms. Gilbert and gang initially were willing to accede to Hasbro your likeness and image without any compensation whatsoever to you. The above document not only proves that producers will pay, but shows just how much we could have gotten on the previous Hasbro deal, if the Cave-in’s hadn’t been in such a hurry to wave away your income in their rush to please producers and garner good PR in the name of charity.

When it comes time to vote for candidates for the presidency and board members, you might just want to keep in mind that Morgan Fairchild was and is a supporter of the Waiver Bunch. (to read more on the Hasbro giveaway, just go up to links, enter, and type in the word Hasbro.)

It also indicates that Interactive residuals for SAG members ain’t no big deal, in the larger scheme of things, if they want you! And that if Melissa hadn’t started her “Sky is Falling In Rhetoric” our negotiators would have gotten us residuals on vid-games, and our members would have their incomes increased considerably!

A.L. Miller SW Editor & Chief WOOF !

PS, Why is Hasbro suddenly so generous? Don’t know! But perhaps they wanted to avoid the Heat and Hassle of their last Deal–or then again, maybe they realized that if they want to be competitive, they are going to have to pay.



The SAG Watchdog not only links you to both the “Campaign For Unity” and “The Membership First” Slate, but offers a critique of BOTH! And a look at the WILD BUNCH!

April 19, 2005 (20:22) | 2005 | By: Arlin Miller

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Well. The Horses are out of the gate, so to speak, as we enter an election for not only new board members, but also the most pivotal of races that for President of the Screen Actors Guild.

The Ol’ Dog has posted for your convenience the link to both slates. The links will take you to the board member candidates for both the Campaign for Unity and Membership First slates.

Also you’ll find the platform of both slates. Also a few comments from the Ol’ Dog.

First Campaign For Unity:


Campaign for Unity

We are Campaign for Unity, Screen Actors Guild members dedicated to speaking for all performers, no matter where they live, what contracts they work, or how much money they make.Today, the SAG Board of Directors is a house divided.

We want to stop the dissension within the Hollywood Boardroom. Debates critical to our members have been occasions for partisan duels and personal attacks, rather than responsible and strategic decision-making. Issues of critical importance to members, such as healthcare, residuals, and expanding work opportunities, are lost in the scuffle of parliamentary wrangling. This divisiveness threatens our ability to make a living and take care of our families.Campaign for Unity is about people, not politics.

We are about principles and problem solving, not partisanship. We reach out our hand to any individual, on or off the Board, who will sincerely help resolve the enormous problems we face today in a changing business climate. New business models threaten all unions, not just ours. We must stand together as part of the national labor movement to address these mutual threats.We are committed to building unity within our union and focusing on providing new opportunities for our members.With your help, we will forge consensus to regain our strength at the bargaining table and our credibility within the industry.

We MUST fight for better contracts and more residuals. But we cannot be reckless with our members’ livelihood. Just demanding “more” is not an effective strategy.We can achieve more by being innovative, united

Now the Membership First Website:


VOTE MembershipFirst!

It’s time for yet another S.A.G. Election. But

This is the one that will truly make a difference in your career and your ability to make a living.

In an ideal world there would be no more political parties.

We wish there were no need for slates, but we were forced to create one in order to stop a political party that has been destroying everything that generations of union activists have fought for and won.

S.A.G.’s current leadership has continually put the interests of agents, producers and other unions (like AFTRA), above those of S.A.G. members.

We hate political infighting and bickeringbut what was the cause?

For the past 4 years, S.A.G.’s current leadership has used the Internet, the S.A.G. Actor magazine and the media to attack political opponents and spread misinformation. So we were put in a position where we had to fight in order to get facts and important issues to the membershipwe had to fight in order to dispel vicious lies lobbed against us and anyone else who dared to offer the membership an alternate point of view.

When S.A.G. is returned to the membership after this election, we will STOP the misuse of S.A.G.’s channels of communication.

Members want information, not rumors, innuendo and personal attacks.

We are a true grassroots success story. We’ve gone from 19% of the Board to 43%. We are now a handful of Board seats away from a majority.

For the past 4 years, without a MembershipFirst majority, the National Board has continually wasted your dues money, ignored vital issues like increases in residuals, and made numerous attempts to disenfranchise the overwhelming majority of the membership.

That’s why this election is so important when you vote for the entire MembershipFirst slate, you will be giving the National Board a mandate for the following:
Open and honest communications with the membership
Strong negotiators who make residuals the NUMBER ONE priority
Aggressive measures to slow or stop runaway production
Dues money spent on actors, not on the bloated salaries of S.A.G. executives
Implementation of resolutions passed by members at Membership meetings
Implementation of proposals by committees composed of working actors
For the past 4 years, you’ve been the last thing on the minds of S.A.G. leaders It’s time to put the Membership First!

Click the following links to learn about our candidates for S.A.G. President, Secretary-Treasurer and National Board of Directors
VOTE MembershipFirst

WOOF ! Although, the Membership First Slate’s candidate statements are more specific, and to the point, than the feel-good generalities offered by the “Campaign For Unity” Candidates, the platform statements of both sides could be more specific.

The Unity site is basically homilies and a rehash of the Restore Respect cry of “Why Can’t We all Just Get Along.” And it also seems they are going to fight for good contracts, ah, but not too hard.

Membership First on the other hand hits a lot more of the issues, but seems to be less exacting about the Two Big Controversial Ones: Qualified Voting and the ATA/NATR.

From experience and research, the Ol’ Dog pretty well knows where both sides stand on most of the issues. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that the membership reading the two sites will.

In the past the Restore Respect slate, renamed Campaign For Unity, stood for giving agents what they wanted on the ATA/NATR referendum while Membership First fought and defeated that giveaway! Yet for some reason the issue is not even mentioned on Membership First’s front page! Yes, it is addressed in the issues section. However, it is never made clear that MF favors enforcing SAG’s Rule 16( a.) to bring those agents into line. This needs to be made clear.

Also, I know that Membership First fought against Qualified Voting, and Morgan Fairchild champions it. Yet nowhere on Morgan’s website does she mention it!* And nowhere on the Membership First Website do they come out and directly say that they are against it.

Granted, The Membership First Campaign Flier handed out at the director’s guild was pretty clear, “You pay your dues. You Vote!”

Unfortunately, most members do not attend movies at the Directors Guild, and unless that statement is on the Membership First Website and in a mailer, most members including those in the branches will never see it.

They will not know about Morgan Fairchild’s “Work in Trade” imitative which will deny a majority of them of their vote on most referendums!

Both sides are against Runaway Production!

In the past Morgan Fairchild has only supported stemming the tide by putting more money in producers pockets, while Membership First has supported FTAC in its efforts to make sure that Canada and other countries don’t violate the rules of NAFTA–in their efforts to lure production away from the U.S” Yet, there is nothing on the MF website that comes right out and says they support FTAC.

In the Ol’ Dog’s humble opinion simply saying that they support “Aggressive measures to slow or stop runaway production.” Is not going to get the message out to the average member!

And were do both sides stand on Merger/Consolidation? It’s not even referred to in either statement. Yet, it is something SAG’s new NED Greg Hesssinger has already professed he will try and implement. I know from past experience that Bob Pisano and Melissa Gilbert disciple Morgan Fairchild will support any Consolidation/Merger attempt they put before her. I also know from experience, Membership First stood up against a Consolidation attempt that would have dissolved SAG and turned it over to the One World Union, AIMA. I know it. But does the membership. Not if they are not informed. We need to know exactly where both sides stand on this issue.

It is clear to the Ol’ Dog that if Morgan Fairchild and her slate is elected they, along with the backing of the branch board members who to a person support her candidacy, will continue to led us down their go-along to get-along road to givebacks and give-ins resulting in agents in partnership with our employers, qualified voting, deteriorating minimums and residuals– and continued suppression of information that members need to make informed decisions on important issues that face our guild!

It also is clear to the Ol’ Dog that the only way Membership First is going have an opportunity to stand up for our guild is to stand up and be crystal clear where they stand on each and ever issue.

Okay, it’s early in this election, and I’m sure we’ll be getting a lot more literature from both sides. Hopefully at that point, we’ll know exactly where both slates stand so we can make an informed decision on who should be at the helm of SAG.

A.L. Miller SW Editor & Chief *

PS, I have included below the Wild Bunch flier, and also, if any of our independent candidates, wants to put their campaign statement up on the Ol’ Dog’s Website, we will be more than happy to oblige. In a future post we will put up the statements of all three Presidential Candidates.

A.L. Miller SW Editor & Chief WOOF !

You gotta say one thing about this bunch. You know exactly where they stand! *up

*Morgan’s website is still under construction. Perhaps, her “work-in-trade” agenda will be addressed on the site once it is finished.



Hear and See Melissa on the “Sunday Morning Shootout” with Peter Bart and Peter Guber as they trash the Screen Actors Guild Crazies, and discover SAG Presidential Candidate Morgan Fairchild and her “Campaign For Unity’s” Preordained Plan to Shoot Down the Screen Actors Guild.

April 19, 2005 (20:22) | 2005 | By: Arlin Miller

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There is a plan, folks, to Shoot Down, and perhaps mortally wound our beloved Screen Actors Guild! And it’s being championed by our current President and the few remaining remnants of her Restore Respect disciples recently hunkered down in their new “Campaign For Unity” bunker discussing their plans to dis the guild’s Uncast Masses at the home of a admitted union hater! Humm, I wonder if the two Peters will be there cheering them on?

Melissa and those who vehemently denied accusations that they were intent on disenfranchising the vast majority of our members by implementing qualified voting have finally come out of their Two-Tiered Closet.

Watch and listen, by the magic of the internet,to an interview of our exiting president conducted by Peter Bart and Peter Guber on “Shoot Out” as they collectively trash Producer Melissa’s political opponents and all the other members that they consider unworthy!

Click the following link, wait for the viewing window to buffer and connect–if the program doesn’t start, try and click the little forward arrow button on the viewing window. It’s a little tricky sometime but worth it because, You ain’t gonna believe what you hear. In its own way, it ranks right up there with MG’s Howard Stern interview, only this time she is giving it to board member opponents and struggling members right up the, uh, colonoscopy.


Boy, it’s great to have a Prez that respects all our members ain’t it. *do

For those of you who couldn’t stomach the whole SAG bashing interview, or had trouble connecting– here are some of Half Pint’s more puerile comments.

First a few that the Ol’ Dog jotted down.

The one that was a real knee-slapper was the one that referred to SAG members as “Animals in the Zoo!” Hmmm, come to think of it, two more years of Melissa and her go along to get along leadership–and we’d all most likely be working for peanuts

I especially liked Miss Melissa’s comment that she was “Proud to have negotiated a 200 million dollar contract!” Poor dear hasn’t got a clue.

Now if she had actually bothered to read her own propaganda written by a senior SAG staff member, she’ know that she and her gang touted that the contract featured gains of 200 Million dollars, NOT A 200 MILLION DOLLAR CONTRACT! (A claim that they could never document– and mostly likely pulled out of their collective kazoos.) But then again, with her continued leadership, I’m sure that our over one billion-dollar TV/theatrical contract, the product of years of tough negotiations, would have eventually sunk down to the 200 million dollar level. (By the way her and Pisano’s much-touted contract featured the lowest gains in minimums in recent SAG history)

Interspersed in all her hyperbole and petty rationalizations was the comment about actors living with rejection! So what does our people-person president want to do about it. Why, add to their rejection by rejecting their right to vote.

And of course, she theorizes that her political opponents want to take out that rejection on our employers. Well, that’s one thing we can’t accuse her and her go-along to get-along gang of doing, ah, perhaps that was because they were to busy taking it out on the SAG membership: by leaving them at the mercy of her ATA/NATR pals and their onerous GSAs, denying them minority reports in referendums, and spending millions of their dues dollars trying to “sell” them a bill of goods to dissolve our great guild–and turn it over to Pisano’s Folly AIMA!

Then she states that SAG is not broken–but on the way to be broken! Wrong again Melissa! Now that you are on your way out, it is on its way to being fixed.

Then the Clueless One says that The Industry was shut down with a Strike–and for what?

Hmmm, Maybe if she had showed up at LEAST ONCE during the strike instead of staying away for the whole six months looking for a new nanny–and tending to her terminal ill dog, she might know FOR WHAT?” You Think? How about to Save Class A spots and get a hundred and forty percent increase in cable residuals. Our commercial contract is now at its highest level! Anyone care to guess where it would be if we hadn’t fought to save Class A and hadn’t gotten that 140 percent boost in cable? Even us Crazies know the answer to that one, we’d be st out of luck, considering the mediocre gains Madame President has gotten for us in the last four years.

Concerning her failed ATA/NATR giveaway, she insists that the deal has to be voted on by members who have had an agent in the last five years. She failed to mention one little detail! And that was that her and her pals also wanted members to sign an affidavit, under the penalty of perjury that they had paid agent commissions of at least *money2000 dollars.

Her only sincere comment was, “Pay me! I will do it!” She recently proved that by agreeing to host a reality show while at the same time asking cast regulars on new shows to give up three of their residual payments to, ah, stem the tide of reality shows.

Oh, did we mention that her would-be successor Morgan Fairchild has also done a reality show! Hey, we don’t have to stem the tide of reality shows by giving up residualswe just need to convince these gals to stop doing them.

Here are some transcribed passages from Terrence Beasor’s post on the SAG Actor Bulletin Board:


I have found in the leadership of the guild there are a lot of people who never became what they wanted to become, or were that for a little while and then it went away ’cause it does go. Comes and goes, fluctuates, goes up and down and they forget the luck part, and it’s all about how everybody else screwed them out of their career, their agents the producers, the directors–and being in power at SAG puts them in a position to take it out on the guys that ruined their careers for them.

Terrence added

“So all of the people who voted down the ATA/SAG Agreement, the Consolidation Agreement and the Dues Increase were just “sore losers” with no careers?”

On the other hand, Terrence, Ol Boy, let us never forget that all the members that voted for things she advocated, including her one year TV/Theatrical extension deal where all working members with great careers and rosy dispositions.


I think the key to the main problem, the heart of the problem in SAG is the voting structure. If only people who had a stake in the contract voted on that contract you’d get a tremendous responseI’m not saying that people need to be disenfranchised of their vote but there has to more of a participation by the people who earn the money.

Ah, lets get this straight! On one hand Melissa wants ONLY those who work a contract to vote on it, and on the other she says she don’t want to disenfranchise anyone. *

Hey, if we were to extend Melissa’s Qualified Voting plan to its natural conclusion then only those members who have been sick in the last three years should be able to vote on anything concerning health insurance.

And of course members like Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and the rest of the superstars should not be allowed to vote on contracts since they make their own lucrative deals and are not really affected by minimums, overtime, meal penalties and the likes. This of course would not exclude them from voting on health insurance, that is, providing they had been sick in the preceding three years.

After all, fair is fair.

A.L. Miller SW Editor & Chief WOOF !

Look, the fastest way to shoot down this union is to divide it by creating second-class members. You treat them like second-class members, and before long they start to act like second-class members. Even worse they renounce their membership and go fi-core. Why not? After all the only benefit they would lose would be their right to voteand if that has already been taken away by an elitist union leadership, well

Do we really want 80,000 of our members going fi-core–and getting the benefits of SAG when they work union contracts, while at the same time working non-union work. At first our signatory commercial work will slowly start to dry up–and then

After all, why buy the cow when you can milk it through the fence. Oh, and eventually some of those fi-core actors will become stars–and then.