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Hessinger Money Machine pumps out more of your dues dollars for the Hiring of YET ANOTHER Senior Staff Member.

April 19, 2005 (20:23) | 2005, SAG Politics | By: Arlin Miller

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The new leadership, under the guidance of SAG President Alan Rosenberg, has told NED Hessinger (The Money Machine) to stop hiring senior staff, without out first conferring with them! In response, apparently Mr. Hessinger has basically told them to “stuff it!”

In the meantime the Old Dog has learned of another un-consulted hiring by SAG’s Restore Respect/USAN appointed money spewing hiring-machine Greg Hessinger.

This time it is the position of SAG Executive Director of (Seattle) Washington that is being refilled by former SAG employee Joan Kalhorn.

The story is sketchy. It goes something like this. For reasons concerning governance cutbacks, Ms. Kalhorn was terminated. But apparently she did not go gently into the night. It took around six-months.

Now because of something to do with a lawsuit, Mr. “H” seems to have decided that it might be in the best interests of SAG to rehire her.

Is this a good idea? Not for the Ol’ Dog to say.

However, the way it was done is definitely a bad idea! Not only a bad idea, under the current circumstances, possibly a violation of our constitution and federal law.

That’s why our new leadership needs to apply the constitution in this matter of our “out-of-control” National Executive Director–and immediately bring in outside counsel for legal advice.

Article V, Section 1 (4)

“The Board of Directors shall have the discretion to retain outside independent legal counsel to aid in the performance of its governance responsibility.”

As things now stand for the board not do act immediately and decisively is a not only an abrogation of their fiduciary responsibility to the membership under Title V of the LMRDA, but an indication of a lack of leadership.

Look, the Membership First dominated Hollywood board is meeting this evening! (9/11/05) They have the necessary National Board members to bring in outside counsel to advise them on how best to stop Mr. Hessinger’s unrestrained hiring rampage.

They do not need to wait until the upcoming plenary to get outside legal advice. All they need is pen and paper and they can DO IT NOW!

Article V, Section 1, J, 4.

“Except as provided otherwise in this Constitution, any acts shall be valid for all purposes WITH OR WITHOUT A MEETING if approved by the written assent of a majority of the votes of the Board of Directors”

Get each and every board member’s WRITTEN assent to bring in outside counsel– and then in an act of promised Transparency inform the membership of those who refused to do so. It is time for every member of our new elected leadership to be accountable to the membership.


A.L. Miller SW Editor & Chief WOOF !

PS, The Ol’ Dog will definitely have more to say after this evenings meeting.



Variety story corroborates Watchdog Exclusive: Hessinger’s New Hire: The Final Nail in the Coffin!

April 19, 2005 (20:23) | 2005, SAG Politics | By: Arlin Miller

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SAG’s NED has finally put the final nail in the coffin with his new hire!

It was bad enough that SAG NED Greg Hessinger hired two of his former AFTRA Cronies to three year contracts to the tune over *moneyONE MILLION DOLLARS without informing the New Membership First Led National Boardbut now in what has to be the most audacious hire in the history of the Screen Actors Guild he has hired a member of the 2000 JPC Negotiating Team that kept us out of work for SIX MONTHS during the commercial strike.

Her name is JoAnn Kessler, and you’ll never guess what high priced executive position she will fill!


No, I’m not kidding, folks. NED Hessinger has hired as SAG’s New National Director of Commercials one of the very people who sat across the Negotiating Table from us during the 2000 Commercial Strike! And she didn’t just serve in a subordinate position; she was the CO-CHAIR OF THE JPC COMMITTEE!

Here are a couple of excerpts of what Hessinger’s new hire had to say to her fellow producers at that time!

January 16, 2000, New York, NY

“As many of you know, there has recently been a change of political leadership within SAG. This new leadership, by its own admission, is more militant than the prior leadership and, during the election campaign, directed particular ire at the terms of the 1997 commercial agreement on residuals for performers in cable commercials. To the contrary, the JPC believes that actors generally are compensated well and that the 1997 increase in cable residuals was particularly generous.”

WOOF ! Obviously, Mr. Hessinger has made a move to out maneuver the new militant leadership: One that might aggressively fight for better contracts for actors. Mrs. Kessler continues:

“Unlike the production environment during past strikes, large pools of competent, non-union performers now exist in many geographically diverse production centers. As a result, producing commercials should not be a problem during any strike. One final note: as in the past, we expect that there will be no “sympathy” strikes by the production crew unions in the event of a SAG/AFTRA strike. “

WOOF ! Well, I guess Melissa is finally right! Thanks to Greg Hessinger SAG will now officially have ANOTHER embedded union buster! (The new co-head of the producers MPAA, Bob Pisano has got to be bustering with proud for his protge Hessinger.)

JoAnn Kessler
V.P., Director, Broadcast Business Affairs
Grey Advertising
Co-Chair JPC Committee

So, let’s see how NED Hessinger has spent well over a *moneyMILLION of our dues dollars in the last week!

He announced that he’d hired his former AFTRA subordinate, John Russum, as our Deputy Executive Director for Organizing and Agents Relations! So, the guy who will head our Agents Relations is the very same guy who gave in to the ATA/NATR in their Conflict of Interest Deal. (ATA exec director, Karen Stuart wipe that smile off your face!) :D

And as our new Special Advisor for Strategic Planning, Mr. Hessinger hired former AFTRA subordinate Rebecca Rhine! Her expressed reason for coming to SAG is to bring about a Merger with AFTRA! (Kim and Big John it’s your turn. Wipe those smiles off your faces.) :D:D

Completing his horrendous “hat trick” Hessinger has now hired one of the very people that kept us on strike for SIX MONTHS! (My Gawd, not only is the JPC smiling, but the entire industry has got to be laughing at us!) :D:D:D:D

In the meantime, Mr. Hessinger keeps his position. A position that allows him to hire as many high priced executives, for *money hundreds of thousands of our dues dollars, as his little heart desires– without anyone, as of yet, doing a damn thing about it.

And while he continues to waste our money on more big buck executives, this announcement remains on the SAG website.

“Due to limited resources, however, SAG can no longer “expedite” residual checks”

As the Ol’ Dog has reiterated to the countless calls and emails received in the last few days: I believe SAG’s new President Alan Rosenberg and Membership First will do the right thing!

Unfortunately, as events have proven, every Day that Mr. Hessinger remains on the job as our NED, we will be burdened not only with more payouts to his New Hires, but Membership First will be perceived as well-intentioned folks that have failed to take decisive action.

A.L. Miller SW Editor & Chief WOOF !

SAG enlists ad contracts vet

Kessler to handle commercials contract


Screen Actors Guild CEO Greg Hessinger has hired advertising industry veteran JoAnne Kessler as national director of commercial and industrial contracts.

Kessler’s hiring comes a year before the expiration of the SAG-AFTRA commercials contract. SAG plans to begin the official process of prepping for bargaining via meetings with members early next year.

Kessler, who was a VP for Grey Global Group, served as a negotiator for the industry during the six-month actors’ strike in 2000 and on the current contract, negotiated in less than a week during fall 2003.

Kessler will report to Sallie Weaver, SAG’s deputy national exec director for contracts.

Read the full article at:

Like this article? Variety.com has over 150,000 articles, 40,000 reviews and 10,000 pages of charts. Subscribe today!

WOOF ! Here’s the question: If this is such a great hire why hasn’t it been posted on the SAG website? In fact, you have to do a bit of digging to find an announcement of Hessinger’s AFTRA Hires Russum and Rhine!



It’s Time For SAG President Alan Rosenberg and Membership First to step up to the plate.

April 19, 2005 (20:23) | 2005, SAG Politics | By: Arlin Miller

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In a direct slap in the face to newly elected SAG President Alan Rosenberg and his Membership First slate, which is now the majority force in the National Board, (Former AFTRA NED) and current SAG NED Greg Hessinger ignored, or circumvented the intent of SAG’s Constitution and brought in two high priced executives from AFTRA–without consulting the newly constituted National Board.

Item: At the last membership meeting a couple of months ago, in mid JULY, when confronted with the question as to why we no longer had a cashier at the front desk to serve members paying their dues, SAG President Melissa Gilbert ended the conversation with


We’ll apparently we don’t have the money when it comes to serving the rank and file members, but according to AFTRA’s LM2 Reports, we certainly seem to have the money when it comes to padding the ranks of SAG’s Senior Staff. (The following figures were excerpted from the 2004 and 2005 AFTRA LM2s)

So, we don’t have the money for a cashier, we don’t have the money for the proper number of reps in the field, and we are understaffed when it comes to processing checks and getting them out to our members–but we do have the money to bring in two of Mr. Hessinger’s high priced buddies from AFTRA! Staff members whose combined annual salaries at AFTRA amount to *money361,114 dollars. (I’m taking a wild guess here but, you think they might be getting a raise for coming to SAG) Three-year contracts that will cost SAG at least *money1,083,342 dollars. Ah, but let’s not forget that a little over two months ago, Madame President Gilbert told us we DIDN’T HAVE THE MONEY FOR A CASHIER!

According to SAG’s LM2s, from 2000-2001 we had 510 staff employees, only SIX of which made over 100,000 Dollars.

Enter CEO Pisano. Restore Respect bragged that he trimmed the staff. Yes, he did. Unfortunately for the membership, he trimmed those who actually did the day-to-day work for the members–while at the same time, adding highly paid senior staff.

Check these numbers: LM2 for 2003-2004. Now, instead of 510 staff members, the staff had been reduced to 385. The only problem is that instead of only Six Senior staff members earning over 100 thousand dollars annually, we had TWENTY-EIGHT.

Yes, SAG’s staff has been reduced by 125, but thanks to Pisanonomics, staff salaries from 2000-2001 had INCREASED from $11,679,569 to $ 20,166,347 Dollars by 2003-2004!

Now, if you remember Membership First ran on this very issue. That we had too many high priced senior staff and not enough of the so-called worker bees that do much of the actual work for our members.

Even so, Mr. Hessinger pretends to be baffled as to why our new leadership is upset by his clandestine hiring action. He has actually said to them that he THOUGHT they would be happy! Yeah, right! We’ll instead of THINKING that they would be happy, why didn’t he actually ask them before committing over *moneyONE MILLION of our dues dollars to two of his AFTRA Pals.

This alone is enough to wave “Sayonara” to Mr. Hessinger.

Consider this. The new WGA Leadership removed their Exec Director John McLean with this statement, “We had to compare John’s track record vs. that of someone who’s a professional organizer.” (Daily Variety 9/27/05)

Okay, let’s compare Greg Hessinger track record to an NED that we could actually trust.

To start with, he was put into place against the wishes of Membership First (They were virtually unanimous in voting against his hiring)

Then of course, this was done by Restore Respect/USAN leadership without going through the Search Committee, whose job it is to find the best possible applicants.

Forget the fact that Greg Hessinger came from financially strapped AFTRA, or that he was at the helm when AFTRA sold SAG down the river by giving the ATA/NATR the right to be their employers–one week before SAG was to vote on the same issue.

Then there is the consideration that by keeping Mr. Hessinger in his present job, we will for the first time in SAG’s history have an NED that was actually handpicked by a co-president and chief operating officer of our employers. (Robert Pisano you remember him. Now holds that office with the MPAA) That’s right, it was no secret that Greg Hessinger was Pisano’s boy!

“Pisano has been grooming Hessinger to be his replacement, people familiar with the situation said.” “It’s always been Bob’s hope to see Greg as his successor,” said one person close to the union. (3/2/05 Hollywood Reporter)

“Pisano, who became SAG’s leader on Sept. 11, 2001, long envisioned Hessinger, AFTRA national executive director for the past four years, as his replacement and worked to groom him for the top spot.” (3/2/05 BSW)

And let’s not forget our current NED’s record in regards to the Interactive Contract Negotiations. This from the SAG’s Bipartisan negotiating team (Only one of which was a Membership First Supporter.)

“We were then subjected to enormous pressure from S.A.G.’s leadership and given misleading legal information from S.A.G.’s leadership that ultimately coerced the committee into a unanimous acceptance of the producers’ offer.’ (Email to SAG’s Membership from Interactive Negotiating Team.)

Oh, and just to be absolutely clear on the matter, the leadership they’re talking about is Greg Hessinger.

How’s that for a record, folks. We have a bipartisan group of members going on the record that SAG’s NED Hessinger not only mislead but coerced our SAG negotiating team in order to get them to go along with his former AFTRA cohorts and accept the Interactive Producers’ “deal.”

Oh, and just to add insult to injury, according to Hessinger the only person he bothered to inform about his Million Dollar “deal” with his two former AFTRA cohorts was SAG President Melissa Gilbert.

He says she knew about the deal for months. Hmmm, months? You think, maybe Madame President knew about it at the recent membership meeting when she told the gathering that we didn’t have the money for a cashier?

So, there’s Mr. Hessinger’s record!

I’ve heard people say that we can’t afford to get him out as SAG’s NED! I say we can’t afford not to!

Oh, by the way, did you know that when the Restore Respect Board gave Mr. Hessinger the NED position, they signed him to a FOUR-YEAR CONTRACT! They obviously wanted to make it too expensive for the membership to get rid of him. And then what did Melissa, Cromwell, and Farrell do after saddling us with Hessinger for four years? Why they went back into the woodwork from which they came.

Fortunately, we have new leadership, Membership First.

The big question the Ol’ Dog is getting is “will they step up to the plate and LEAD?” I’m betting that they will! But one way or another, we should all have that answer in a couple of days.

It is the Ol’ Dog’s humble opinion that they need to act and act fast. They need to take decisive action just as the new WGA LEADERSHIP DID!

Now is not the time to worry about what Restore Respect/USAN/Campaign For Unity will say. Now is the time to stand up and fight for the membership! We cannot have an NED that misleads and coerces negotiating teams. Nor one that commits over a million of our dues dollars on contracts for his AFTRA pals, without even bothering to inform our National board! Nor one who holds back the announcement of such a deal until after the election so as not to damage the chances of his political cohorts.


Speaking of trust! Our new leaders cannot even go to our legal staff for advise on the matter because of the same reason.

So, what can they do?

Well, according to the constitution:

(J.) Meetings.
(1.) The Board of Directors shall meet in plenary session four (4) times annually: unless otherwise determined by a two thirds vote of the Board of Directors, two (2) times by video conference and two (2) times in person. One of the in-person meetings shall occur following the annual election in the Fall.

(2.) Video conference meetings shall end by 11:00 p.m. Eastern time. In-person meetings shall end by 11:00 p.m. of the location in which the meeting is being held. A vote of two-thirds of those present shall be required to extend the meeting by no greater than one-half hour increments.

(3.) Additional meetings by videoconference may be called by the President, the N.E.C., the National Executive Director, or by the Board by a vote of two-thirds of those present or by written consent of two-thirds of the Board, provided that the Directors are provided no less than three business days notice of such meeting.

(4.) Except as provided otherwise in this Constitution, any acts shall be valid for all purposes with or without a meeting if approved by the written assent of a majority of the votes of the Board of Directors, or such higher percentage of the Board votes as may be required by this Constitution.

(5.) The presence of members which exercise one-third(1/3)of the votes of the Board of Directors shall constitute a quorum.

So, with the power of the National Board, they now have the votes to request outside legal counsel to advise them on how best to deal with Mr. Hessinger and others on SAG’s Senior Staff.

They then need to take action–and immediately inform the membership by email the reasons for their actions.

In short they need to return our beloved guild to the people that should be running it.


A.L. Miller SW Editor & Chief WOOF !

* Thanks to Terrence Beasor, “Mr. LM2” for all his research for this article.

* All Formatting is SW’s.

A parting thought. Should we have to pay-off Greg Hessinger, don’t just let him do nothin’! Hey, we still need that cashier! Do that, and the Ol’ Dog will guarantee that he pays his dues at 5757 from now on…ah, make that for the next four years!



With SAG Press Release NED Hessinger’s Slap in the face to the New SAG President and New SAG Board: He is bringing in two AFTRA cohorts to SAG without consulting the new President or National Board!

April 19, 2005 (20:23) | 2005 | By: Arlin Miller

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In a direct slap in the face to the new elected SAG leadership, Gregg Hessinger has opted to bring into SAG two of his cronies from AFTRA, in under the wire, without consulting the New SAG National Board.

His two new appointees include John Russum, AFTRA Hollywood Executive Director, and Rebecca Rhine Assistant AFTRA National Executive Director.

And if there is still any doubt about Mr. Hessinger’s agenda to once again pursue C&A/Merger, know that Ms. Rhine returned to AFTRA in 2002 in order to help implement C&A and that she is leaving AFTRA to come to SAG because according to AFTRA NED Kim Hedgpeth, Ms. Rhine knows that ” if C&A is to take place anywhere, (it) has to take place at Screen Actors Guild!

Now, here is the deal, kiddies. According to our SAG Constitution, Mr. Hessinger has overstepped his authority by hiring these two for SAG Senior Staff Positions.

Article V, Section 1, Paragraph H, Sub-paragraph 3 (f)

The National Board has the final exclusive authority with regard to the following matters, except that the National Board may delegate that final authority at its discretion:

(H) (f) appointing an Associate National Executive Director, Assistant Executive Director(s) and such other Executive Assistants to the National Executive Director as may be required, or conferring with the National Executive Director regarding any such appointments which the Board has delegated to the National Executive Director;

Well, apparently Mr H. had that power delegated to him by the previous Restore Respect/USAN controlled National board. But that board is gone. There is a new board and he has not asked, nor has he been granted any such powers by the new board. Mr. Hessinger has preempted their authority for his own personal agenda. And because of this he should be reprimanded and his actions should be made null and void.

The Ol’ Watchdog can only hope that our new SAG President calls an emergency meeting of the SAG National Board, and lets Mr. Hessinger know who is running this union–and it ain’t the staff!

A.L. Miller SW Editor & Chief WOOF !

This was posted on the SAG Website several hours after our story.


Hessinger Appoints Rebecca Rhine and John Russum to Key Organizing, Agency Relations and Strategic Planning Positions

Los Angeles (September 29, 2005) In a move that signals an increased focus on organizing, strategic planning and agency relations, Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Executive Director/CEO Greg Hessinger today announced the appointment of two longtime union professionals to the Guild’s senior staff. Rebecca Rhine and John Russum, currently executives at the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA), will assume key executive positions at the Guild, with Rhine focusing on short and long-term strategic planning and Russum overseeing the union’s organizing efforts and agency relations.

“The Guild’s elected leaders and rank-and-file members today are confronting serious decisions about how our union will evolve and adapt in order to expand its influence in a rapidly changing industry,” said Hessinger. “The addition of Rebecca and John two highly experienced, smart and creative union experts to our existing outstanding staff will help clarify our vision, build our reach and move our agenda forward effectively. I am very pleased they have agreed to join the Guild’s staff.”

Rhine will hold the newly created post of Special Advisor for Strategic Planning and will be based in San Francisco. Based in Los Angeles, Russum will fill the post of Deputy National Executive Director for Organizing and Agent Relations. Russum will largely fill the position held by Hollis Batchelor, who is retiring at the end of the year after 30 years at the Guild. Both Rhine and Russum will officially join the Guild staff in November.

Hessinger added: “Stronger and more effective national organizing and reaching a solution to the current impasse with talent agents are central priorities for our union. Long and short-term strategic planning will form the foundation for those efforts.”

Rhine currently serves as AFTRA’s Assistant National Executive Director for Strategic Planning and Public Policy. She began her work with unions in the mid-1980s as a rank-and-file activist and elected leader with The Office & Professional Employees International Union (OPEIU). From the late 1980s to late 1990s, she held various posts at AFTRA, including Executive Director of the joint SAG/AFTRA San Francisco office, until she left to become Executive Director of the University Council-American Federation of Teachers (UC-AFT). She returned to AFTRA in 2002.

Russum has served since 1996 as Executive Director of AFTRA’s Los Angeles office, the union’s largest local. Prior to that, he worked as an attorney at the Writers Guild of America, West, the Airline Pilots Association and the California Nurses Association.



Here are the National Board Numbers

April 19, 2005 (20:23) | 2005 | By: Arlin Miller

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Alan Rosebberg, President, Connie Stevens as New Secretary-Treasurer

Los Angeles (September 23, 2005) Screen Actors Guild (SAG) today announced election results for the Guild’s National Board of Directors. Twenty-four of the 69 national board seats were contested in this election, representing Screen Actors Guild’s Hollywood, New York and Regional Branch Divisions. The vote tallies for each candidate are available at www.sag.org.

The Guild also announced the results of elections for its top two elected positions, with Alan Rosenberg defeating Robert Conrad and Morgan Fairchild to become the 24th president of Screen Actors Guild and Connie Stevens defeating Lee Garlington to become secretary-treasurer. Rosenberg succeeds Melissa Gilbert, who served as Guild president since 2001, and Stevens succeeds James Cromwell, who served as secretary-treasurer since 2003. Each will serve two-year terms beginning on September 25. The newly elected national board members will also assume office on September 25 for terms of varying lengths.

The Guild’s Hollywood Division elected 11 new national board members; the New York Division elected five members; and eight national board members were elected from the union’s branches in Boston, Dallas, Houston, Nashville, Nevada, Philadelphia and Washington D.C.

Board members elected from the Hollywood Division: (all three-year terms)
JoBeth Williams, Joseph Bologna, Piper Laurie, Lainie Kazan, William Russ, Barbara Nivens, Morgan Fairchild, Renee Aubry, Harrison Page, Millie Wright, Leigh French.
Click here for tabulated results.

Board members elected from the New York Division: (all three-year terms)
Angela Bullock, Matt Servitto, Jack Landron, Traci Godfrey and Jay Potter.
Paul Christie was elected New York President.
Click here for tabulated results

Board members elected from the Regional Branch Division:
Will Lyman (Boston three-year term), Suzanne Burkhead (Dallas three-year term), Ed Kelly (Detroit three-year term), Henry Kana (Houston three-year term), Cece DuBois (Nashville three-year term), Art Lynch (Nevada three-year term), Helen E. McNutt (Philadelphia one-year term), Stephen F. Schmidt (Washington D.C. three-year term).
Click here for Chicago tabulated results
Click here to Philadelphia tabulated results
Click here for other Branch results

Ballots for all eligible SAG members in Hollywood and New York were mailed on August 24 with a September 23 deadline. The ballots were tabulated throughout the day today by the independent election company, Integrity Voting Systems. A total of 12,555 ballots were tabulated in the Hollywood division (representing 23 percent of ballots mailed in the Hollywood division) and 5,499 ballots were tabulated in the New York Division (representing 24 percent of ballots mailed in the New York division). The number of ballots returned in the Regional Branch elections varied by region.

Terms for the newly elected national board members commence on September 25. The next national board meeting is scheduled for October 22-23 in Los Angeles.

WOOF ! Hmmm, Eric got THREE VOTES and was elected with ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of the vote. Now, the Ol’ Dog is just taking a wild guess here that Eric voted for himself. So, with just two members votes, he has become a board alternate from Iowa with the chance to sit on the National Board and help make national policy! B)

2005 Branch Election


Boston* *All candidates ran unopposed.

National Board Member: Will Lyman (Three-year term)

President:Bill Mootos (Three-year term)

1st Vice President:Karen Woodward Massey (Three-year term)
2nd Vice President:Michele Proude (Three-year term)

Secretary:Ellen Colton (Three-year term)
Council Member At Large: (Three-year term)
Steve Auger Rena Baskin Ted Garland Andrea Lyman Dale Place Sonya Raye Fran Richmond Dick Santos TBDTBD

Chicago* Illinois/Wisconsin/Indiana National Board Alternate: Nancy Sellers Council representing the Illinois/Wisconsin/Indiana Area: Roslyn Alexander Tony Castillo Craig J. Harris Shirley A. Kelly Nancy Sellers Cedric Young

Council representing Minnesota 1 to be elected for a three-year term(No declared candidate)

National Board Alternate:Council representing Iowa 1 to be elected for a three-year term Eric Forsythe-
National Board Alternate: Council representing Missouri 1 to be elected for a three-year term
Matthew O’Toole National Board Alternate:Council representing Ohio 1 to be elected for a three-year term
Joseph Marshall Parnell Colorado* *TBD- Election Cycle In Progress. Dallas/Ft Worth* *All candidates ran unopposed.

National Board Member:Suzanne Burkhead (Three-year term)Detroit*

*All candidates ran unopposed National Board Member:Ed Kelly (Three-year term)Council Member At Large: (Two-year term)Don DiPace John Hawkinson Laurie Logan Nicole Hakim Yohn Florida* *All candidates ran unopposed.Council Member At Large:Dave Corey (Two-year term)Charles Ferrara (Three-year term)Brett Rice (Three-year term)Santara Sidersky (Three-year term)Council Alternate: (One-year term)Adam Vernier Jerry Winsett Georgia* *All candidates ran unopposed.

Council Member At Large:John Atwood (Two-year term)Martha Knighton (One-year term)Hawaii* *All candidates ran unopposed. Council Member At Large: Rebecca Maltby (Three-year term)Houston* *All candidates ran unopposed. National Board Member:Henry Kana (Three-year term) Secretary/Treasurer:Bonnie Gallup (Two-year term) Council Member At Large: (Two-year term)Lynn Michaels Sonny Opiela Carter Smith Tommy Townsend

Nashville* *All candidates ran unopposed.National Board Member:Cece DuBois (Three-year term)Council Member At Large: (One-year term)Anthony Boco Arita Trahan

Nevada* *All candidates ran unopposed.National Board Member:Art Lynch (Three-year term)Council Member At Large: (Two-year term)Charlie Di Pinto Leonard Turner Arttours Weeden

New Mexico* *All candidates ran unopposed.President: Tom Schuch (Two-year term)Vice President:Rosalia de Aragon (Two-year term) Secretary:Paul Blott (Two-year term)Treasurer:Roy Tanner (Two-year term)Council Member At Large:Harriet Levin (Two-year term)

Philadelphia* National Board Member: Helen E. McNutt Council Member At Large (Two-year Terms):Patricia Cray Sal Darigo William L. Goldberg Sylvia Kauders Vince Mancini Peg Robb

Portland* *All candidates ran unopposed.Vice President:Mary McDonald-Lewis (One-year term)Secretary-Treasurer:Karen Moulder (One-year term)

Council Member At Large:Ruben Del Rio (Two-year term)Mary Mims (Two-year term)TBD (One-year term)TBD (One-year term)1st Alternate National Director Chrisse Roccaro (One-year term)2nd Alternate National Director:Don Burns (One-year term)3rd Alternate National Director:Karen Moulder (One-year term)

San Diego* *All candidates ran unopposed.Council Member At Large: (Three-year term)Chris BrickerLinda Lutz Lorenzo Rodriguez

San Francisco* *All candidates ran unopposed.Council Member At Large (Two-year terms):Roman Alcides Thomas Chantler Michael Greggans Kathryn Howell TBDTBD


* All candidates ran unopposed. President:Jim Gall
(Two-year term)Vice President: John Patrick Lowrie

(Two-year term)Secretary-Treasurer:Maggie Stenson

(Two-year term)Council Member At Large: (Two-year term)Dick Arnold Susan Connors

Utah* *All candidates ran unopposed. President:Anne Sward (Two-year term) Vice President:Susan Dolan (Two-year term) Secretary:Jan Felt (Two-year term)Treasurer: Katherine Shelton (Two-year term)

Council Member At Large:Don Re Sampson (Two-year term)

Washington D.C./Baltimore* *All candidates ran unopposed.National Board Member:Stephen F. Schmidt (Three-year term)Council Member At Large: (One-year term)Jane Beard John Leslie Wolfe

Okay, I realize all the above board members ran unopposed, but just the same, I’d like to see how many votes they got! You think maybe some of them even got less votes than Landslide Eric (Only kidding, Eric! You are to be commended for running but something is wrong when someone with 3 votes can get someone elected to an alternate National Board Seat!)

A.L. Miller SW Editor & Chief WOOF !