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WGA West, Disney/ABC TV Group Set Participants in Writer Training Programs

26 February, 2018 (23:16) | 2016 | By: Arlin Miller


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February 26, 2018 11:58AM PT

By Ariana Brockington


The Writers Guild of America West and Disney/ABC TV Group have unveiled participants in separate training programs designed to create opportunities for writers from diverse backgrounds.

The WGAW has set nine honorees for its 2018 TV Writer Access Project. The recipients are nine diverse writers whose work will be spotlighted by the Guild. They will also partake in workshops that will help them develop to pursue careers in television.

To be considered, qualified WGAW in underrepresented categories — minority writers, writers with disabilities, women writers, LGBT writers, and writers older than 55 — submitted a script. The 2018 honorees were selected from a pool of 135 submissions.

2018 Drama Honorees

Sean Calder – “Maria Full of Grace”
Juan Carlos Fernandez – “Sunpatch Alley: P is for Pilot”
Rick Marin – “The One-Percent Solution”
Hannah Park –“ Imposter Syndrome”
Kristen SaBerre – “Code Noir”

2018 Comedy Honorees

Marla DuMont – “The Sex Offender Next Door”
Samuel Garza Bernstein – “The Secret World of Danny Rizik”
Ryan Sandoval – “The Stadium Usher”
Matt McConkey – “Hey Girl”

Meanwhile, the Disney/ABC TV Group has selected 10 writers for their 2018 Writers Program, which offers mentoring and workshop opportunities for participants. The program is in its 29th year.

Comedy Writers

Adán Peña –Wall Street analyst
Ritza Emmanuelle Bloom – Issa Rae Productions’ online content creator
Krystal Javier – Former wedding videographer
David Radcliff – Educator and journalist
Jimmy Mosqueda – Post-production supervisor
Octavia Bray – Showrunner’s assistant

Drama Writers

Pornsak Pichetshote – Graphic novelist
William Garroutte—Computer repair consultant
Claudia Forestieri – Emmy-winning news segment producer
Brian Shin –Professional poker player

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Bravo to all those selected!


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