The WGA West has unveiled its annual report, which shows the total number of member writers working in the industry fell compared with a year ago, as did total salaries.


WGA Ratifies New Film & TV Contract
The report, mailed to members last week and posted on the guild’s website today, showed that employment in all work areas combined was down 3.5% for fiscal-year 2016 that ended March 31, 2017. The WGAW touted that total earnings topped $1.2 billion for a third year in a row, but its reported $1.23 billion was down 3.1% from 2015.

TV writers earned $860.9 million during the span, down 1.7%, while film writers earned $359.8 million, down 6.4%. While the number of news, promotion, informational and interactive programming writers was off 3.1%, that group made $12.4 million, up 5.5%.

Read the full 29-page report here.

The guild reported total revenues for the fiscal year at $34.3 million, up from $30.7 million a year ago, and an operating surplus of $6.2 million. Expenditures of $28.1 million were higher than FY 2016’s total of $27.1 million, which the WGA said owed to fewer staff vacancies and expenditures related to preparation for renegotiating renegotiating the new film and TV contract.

Those negotiations faced several standoffs and a strike-authorization vote before a deal was reached in the early-morning hours of May 2 after the contract’s midnight expiration date.

WGA residuals fell 5.3%, according to the report — 7.5% in TV and 1% in film — which the guild attributed “to late delivery of checks at the year end, which moves those amounts into the 2017 accounting period.”