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Watchdog “Huh?” Editorial!

8 April, 2017 (17:21) | 2017 | By: Arlin Miller

The following Headline appears on our SAG-AFTRA Website:”

“Don’t Scab for Struck Video Game Employers”
First off,  as -just one- of most  loyal union members–I find the implication of the Headline at best offensive–at worst demeaning!!
I mean it would  be like a Marriage Association telling its male members not to cheat on their wives.  And their wives not to shoot them if they do!  Huh?  What was that ladies?  Ahhh, unless they actually catch ’em in the act!!!
But, but, but….
The Ol’ SAG Watchdog
* Seriously,  you folks that put- what is a pretty classy website together- might think about rewording that headline!
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