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So what’s the Deal With Our SAG-AFTRA Website?

12 October, 2016 (14:38) | 2016 | By: Arlin Miller

Okay,  the Ol’ Dog will be the first to admit our SAG-AFTEA website looks great!  But, but, but  looks ain’t everything!  Content is kind of important!  For instance,  one of the headlines still up on the website!

Miami Local Office Closure, Oct. 5-7

If you follow the link there’s no new info!  So has it reopened?  Might be helpful to members effected, you think?

Okay, I know we’re in showbiz.  But our membership website –paid for with OUR dues money–should be for more than show!!!

So let’s see how long this past useful headline stays up–and if it’s updated for those that need to know.  In the meantime, all the best to our fellow Miami members and those in Florida!!!


The Ol’ SAG Watchdog