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Ken you really need to talk to 20th!

8 June, 2015 (13:21) | 2015 | By: Arlin Miller

20th Century-Fox Video - twentieth-century-fox-film-corporation Photo  SAG-AFTRA President Ken Howard Seeks Re-Election | Variety

You know Ken you really need to talk to Mr. James McCann at 20th Century Fox studios.  !  After all Ken you are SAG/AFTRA President, elected representative of ALL SAG-AFTRA members–and Mr. McCann is a  security supervisor at 20th Century Fox studios.

Ah, so Mr. Howard  what do you need to talk to Mr. McCann about?  Well in general how about the rash of complaints to our guild concerning  the mistreatment of our background folks at Fox.  And more specifically the incident that took place last Friday in which a SAG-AFTRA extra was denied access to the Fox lot to work a show because that extra allegedly spoke back (abusively) to a security guard.

Well, to be fair Mr. president, perhaps it’s not as bad as it seems.  After all, if it were,  why were  20th security guards seen giggling in the background as  one of our SAG-AFTRA members was being ‘escorted, off the lot.  By the way, the escorting was being done past fellow SAG-AFTRA background actors waiting to enter the lot!  (You think there was a subtle message there?}

Oh, and Mr. President if you’re not sure all this happened the way I’ve reported, might I suggest you request to Mr. McCann that he turn over to you the film. that he claimed (at the time) recorded the entire incident!  Oh, again, and you might want to do that as soon as possible.  We wouldn’t want that tape to accidentally get erased, would we?


The Ol’ SAG Watchdog

So what do you think?  Do you think Ken will even bother to check into this?  Whatever, you can rest assured the Ol’ Dog will not remain in the background on this one!  More to come!