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The Watchdog has learned that the new Wells Fargo TV Commercial Campaign will go to AFTRA.

13 December, 2009 (19:10) | 2009 | By: Arlin Miller

The reported reason this is happening is because the celebrity TV series star insisted that it be shot under AFTRA’s jurisdiction. To find out who the celebrity is, and the reasons why, and why SAG is doing nothing about it, read on.

First here is the casting notice.

After seeing the notice, a SAG actor inquired of the SAG commercial department and asked why the TV commercial was being done under AFTRA’s jurisdiction instead of SAG’s jurisdiction where the Wells Fargo had always done its TV Commercials; the actor was informed it was at the request of the voice-over celebrity talent. When further asked why SAG was letting this happen, the actor was informed nonchalantly by the staff member–now under the new USAN/UFS AFTRA First, SAG board along with MPAA honcho Bob “Whipsaw” Pisano’s former protg and SAG NED David White’s, control–that AFTRA had the same contract that SAG had and, therefore, nothing could be done about it. The staff person never explained why, all of a sudden, celebrities were now allowed to determine jurisdiction.

All of this was explained to the Ol’ Dog so I began to do some sniffing around. First I found out this story was not only coming from SAG but it was the explanation being offered to SAG actors at the audition.

Of, course, my next thought was who the hell is this “celebrity” and why was he taking this Wells Fargo commercial away from SAG, where it belongs, and taking it to AFTRA.

Well, it only took a couple of hours searching the Internet to find out who the celebrity voice-over was. Here is the answer as posted on Wikipedia Website.

If you would like to view one of the new AFTRA Wells Fargo commercials click the following link.


Okay, I have touched on why the SAG leadership, currently in control of union, has done nothing about this about it. They are the same group that controls AFTRA. They care not that most of the actors that work these spots primarily work SAG, and that any pension or health credits they would have gotten to perhaps put them over the top to qualify under SAG, will go into the AFTRA plan for which they most likely won’t qualify. But, I guess we should forget that actors will be screwed, the important thing is that it will most certainly benefit the AFTRA organization, and of course, those non-actor, broadcasters who voted for the last TV/Theatrical “Give-Away” Contract.

Another question, what kind of guy is actor Jon Cryer? With a hit TV series, he’s got to be a wealthy man: why would he be in a scheme that most assuredly will screw his fellow SAG Actors. Well, hell man, one has got to look out for themselves. Hey, he most likely has maxed out on his SAG pension plan, now he’ll have the opportunity to do the same in AFTRA.

Look the guy has already signed the UFS Qualified Voting Petition that would take away about 85% of his fellow actors right to vote, do you really expect him worry about whether they make their health insurance or get pension credits?

Okay, maybe his business manager took care of this, and, and he doesn’t know that his actions will screw the little guy. Or, gosh, maybe he was convinced by our USAN/UFS/AFTRA First Merger Mad Minionswell yes, some fellow actors, you know the rank and file little guys might be hurt along the way, but, but, after all it would be for the great good…MERGER.

What you don’t like broadcasters?

So, if you don’t think this is a good idea what can you do? Hell, how should I know, I email SAG staff, I post documents and information like this and to no availI watch as my beloved Screen Actors Guild slowly slips away.

But then I did have the opportunity to work under the greatest actors union in the world. And because of those brave actors who came before me, I’m comfortable: a small pension and health insurance. Okay, okay, I ain’t living the Life Of Reilly, but I have a cleaning lady who comes in every six months, smoke, mostly, long filer cigars, and even on occasion drink martinis from a gin bottle with a label on it.

And, I’m just sorry future generations of actors will not have the same opportunity. But then I’ll most likely never get to wander into the Bakersfield Offices of “Uncle Joe’s Actors Union” and stare up at a portrait of Ned Vaughn.

A.L. Miller SW Editor & Chief WOOF !

And now that the current “compliant” USAN/UFS leadership has established the precedent that stars can chose the union jurisdiction they want, do you, really, think Cryer will be the only celebrity who’ll get the bright idea to do this for PH, or other reasons? Noooooo! Oh, and what happens when Tom, Matt or some other screw the “little Guy” celebrity decides that his movie will also be AFTRA? Do you really think the current “Go Along To Get Along” leadership will do anything. Hello?

It’s post time! *toast